Auto-Updated Brand Product Brochures

Auto-Updated Brand Product Brochures22 Sep 2019

In line with our sustainability efforts, UniPak is pleased to announce an industry first: Auto-Updated Brand Product Brochures.

These are designed to display only our current product range within a product category. This means products no longer stocked are automatically removed and all new products are automatically added. This happens overnight, so the next day these online versions will ensure that the brochure is always up to date for customer reference. In our industry we often see many products being deleted or added, so this approach basically makes good sense.

We recommend brochures be saved as PDFs, but if printed versions are needed this can be done. Paper will still be used for printed versions, so we suggest that individual product pages are printed. Printers have software settings to save and/or print individual pages.

By operating this automatic online brochure system, we hope that fewer trees are made into paper, fewer resources are used in production and delivery (inks, electricity, water and fuel) and less waste is generated (redundant brochures end up as waste if not recycled properly). Not having to pay for large print runs helps to keep our operating costs down so we can keep our product prices competitive.

These new brochures can be viewed in the Brochures sections, in the Help Desk pages of our Brand Websites:
- Emperor Brochures
- Green Choice Brochures
- Bastion Brochures

Please note that we may introduce limited runs of full product brochures for specific reasons.