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Emperor Recycling Guide

At Uni-Pak we acknowledge and understand the importance of waste minimization, especially since all our products are purchased and used by end users usually only for a short period of time before becoming regarded as waste. When people buy food and drinks in disposable containers they are also buying the packaging. With our busy lifestyles, and our consumption of convenience food and drink, we must all take responsibility for disposing of used packaging correctly (based on local council collection guidelines). Uni-Pak encourages everyone to take ownership of waste disposal and promotes the correct recycling of used packaging were possible.  

Sustainable Business Practice

Uni-Pak endeavours to manage its operations in a sustainable manner and supply, where feasible, recyclable and biodegradable products.
> We accept responsibility for maintaining a healthy environment and a sustainable future.
> We promote the recycling of our products and offer compostable product options where feasible.
> We optimise our visit and travel plans to reduce CO2 emissions, and manage our fuel and energy use wisely.
> We reduce our waste output to landfills and increase our use of sustainable office consumables.
Uni-Pak is constantly analyzing our supply channels to offer products which are sustainably better than current offerings.

NZ Council Recycling and Composting Advice

Regional and local councils can help you with recycling and composting matters in your area. Councils do not share the same guidelines. You should check what is, and perhaps is not, recycled or composted by your council. When seeking help for your business (which is where approx. 80% of landfill waste emanates from) your local council may provide only basic collection services and you may wish to consider independent collection services from companies listed in your Yellow Pages. We encourage you to seek verification that your recyclables are actually being recycled, and to check if your local council and recyclable waste collectors accept all materials (as some may refuse certain plastics and other items). Be sure to check their websites below: