Sustainable Practice Workshop a success

Sustainable Practice Workshop a success23 Jan 2019

As part of our January 2019 team workshop, we made sustainable business operations our key focus. Following a presentation on the environmental issues affecting the world, New Zealand and our business, we undertook 2 surveys designed to gauge our current and future sustainable practices - as individuals and as a business.

The survey feedback and suggestions from the team are shown below, and these will be assessed by management for implementation.

It is highly likely we will be undertaking the following, in order of priority:

Set product standards for suppliers.
Create a Sustainable Work Practice Policy.
Contact customers and team members by phone or video conferencing.
Reduce amount of paper used.
Establish recycling/composting workstations.
Encourage people to bring in their own food in their own containers.
Purchase stationery that is sustainably sourced.
Pool car use during lunch breaks.
Set targets for reducing waste produced and energy/fuel used.
Set fuel reduction standards for freight companies.

And from specific team member feedback, not already covered above, we will likely encourage team members to:
Reuse photocopy paper for pads.
Photocopy and print both sides of paper.
Use compostable coffee cups in smoko room at Whanganui.
Use 3 bins for rubbish, recycles, food waste/compostables (in smoko room).
Refit energy efficient lighting as part of maintenance schedule.
Reduce freight and courier more parcels.
Use our own drinking mug in the offices.